V078: The Music of Man

Home Vision MUS 04, VHS (NTSC) color, 2:00:00

A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Production (1987), hosted by Yehudi Menuhin
Written by Yehudi Menuhin and Curtis W. Davis with Charles Weir
Producers: Richard Bocking, John Thomson, Curtis W. Davis
Directors: Richard Bocking, John Thomson

Program 7: The Known and the Unknown (1:00:00)
Program 8: Sound or Unsound (1:00:00)

Time Description
00:00 Credits: Program 7
01:00 Footage of WWI, Caruso singing "Over There"
02:00 Menuhin
02:20 War footage, contemporary art
03:10 Menuhin fiddling, "Start all over again", with jazz combo
05:25 Menuhin, photos of his childhood, reminiscences about Fritz Kreisler, Georges Enesco
10:00 Rumanian countryside, Sonata for Violin and Piano, No. 3 by Enesco (1926)
12:36 Footage of Louis Armstrong, "Tiger Rag"
15:45 Footage of George Gershwin playing piano, "I Got Rhythm", "Strike Up the Band"
17:15 Schoenberg's 5 Pieces for Orchestra, III. (1909), contemporary painting by Kandinsky, Picasso, Braques, and Delaunay
18:30 Footage of orchestra (Toronto Symphony) playing Schoenberg's work
19:50 Menuhin explaining 12-tone music
21:10 Pianist performing Schoenberg's Suite for Piano, op. 25 (1924)
24:30 Ensemble performing Edgar Varese's Integrale
26:40 Menuhin discussing 20th-century musical trends
27:40 Cabaret songs by Kurt Weill, art of the 1920s
28:50 Footage of the Depression, Busby Berkley films
29:39 Footage of Leopold Stokowski conducting
31:30 Photos of Arturo Toscanini, Rossini's "William Tell Overture"
32:15 Menuhin in Bali, footage of a gamelan lesson, gamelan ensemble and dance
36:15 Violin masterclass with Menuhin
39:30 Footage of Benny Goodman's band (1930s), Swing, Big Band
41:12 Aaron Copland conducting the National SO, interview with him, scenes of America
49:10 Footage of the Graf Zeppelin, warships, natives of Trinidad, calypso music
51:56 Menuhin playing the Berg Violin Concerto (1935)
56:27 Credits
58:12 End
58:23 Beginning of Program 8, scenes of junk yards and rocket launch, Bartók Sonata for solo violin, op. 117
1:00:20 Bach "Erbarme dich" from St. Matthew Passion
1:01:25 Footage of a rock concert (the Erasers), an "infantile expression of anti-social perversity"; Menuhin finds punk rock "pathetic and nasty"
1:02:15 Poetry reading by Opal L. Nations
1:02:45 Electronic music performance by the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, "music appropriate to the age"
1:04:20 Canadian pianist Oscar Peterson performing in jazz club
1:07:45 Photos from WWII, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra singing, performing for troops
1:10:00 Steel drums in Trinidad played by Mervyn Ray, made from discarded oil barrels
1:11:15 Elvis
1:12:20 Beatles performing in Munich
1:13:45 Menuhin on youth: "confused and gullible"
1:14:45 Joan Baez, "Blowin' in the wind"
1:16:19 Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights movement, "We shall overcome"
1:18:30 Performance of  chamber music with Menuhin and Mstislav Rostropovich
1:19:50 Martha Graham and Bertram Ross dancing "Night Journey", score by William Schuman
1:21:50 John Cage, "4'33"" performed in Harvard Square
1:23:00 Menuhin
1:24:30 Steve Reich, "process music"
1:26:15 Chance/aleatory music
1:27:25 Benjamin Britten, entre'act music from Death in Venice
1:29:30 Menuhin performing, with French fiddler Jean Carignan, a piece written for them by André Gagnon
1:32:00 Synthesizer, threat to "hard-working musicians"
1:33:00 Interview with Glenn Gould, performing and recording Bach and Ravel
1:42:00 Miyako Harumi, a Japanese pop singer
1:42:45 MUZAK
1:43:30 Judy Collins, sentimentality in pop music
Instrument makers, early music ensembles
1:46:50 Student gamelan ensemble at UC-Berkeley
1:48:20 Overtone singing, David Hykes and Harmonics Choir
1:49:45 Choir in Senegal, Le Choeur Sénégalais, conducted by Julien Jouga
1:51:50 Film footage of Bela Bartok and his work, Menuhin performing his Sonata for solo violin, op. 117
1:52:47 Menuhin
1:54:40 Credits
1:56:15 End